Spiritual Bath Cleanse Ritual

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What Is A Spiritual Cleanse Bath?

Spiritual baths are known by many names, including ritual baths, bath rituals, bath spells, spell baths, and cleansing baths. The history of spiritual baths dates back to ancient times and there are even references to spiritual baths in the bible. Cultures around the world have been attaching spiritual significance to cleansing rituals for as long as they’ve existed. Ancient Indians practiced daily ritual washing. Ancient Romans had public thermae baths that had not only hygienic but also social significance. There’s also, Japanese sento baths, Slavic banyas, and Nordic hot springs. All those practices, usually have layers of meanings attached to them. However, In African Traditional Religions (ATR), a spiritual cleansing bath, unlike a traditional bath where the purpose or aim is to cleanse the physical body; a spiritual cleansing bath is used to cleanse the energetic bodies on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Severing one from negative energy and entities.

The Spiritual Bath Ritual Preparation

The following are a few different options for your spiritual bath ritual, depending on the effects you’d like to achieve during your bath. As with anything, though, keep in mind that you may alter these rituals according to your personal preferences!

Ingredients needed:

  • Essential oils (The type of oil you’ll use depends on which variation you choose; some options are listed below!).
  • Clean Bowl Only Used For Spiritual Bath
  • Fine ground sea salt, pink Himalayan salt, or Epsom salt.
  • Aromatics such as Sage, Incense, or Palo Santo.
  • Crystals of your choice (Again, depending on which variations you choose; these can vary).
  • Florida Water
  • Candles (Optional: use colored or scented candles depending on your bath’s purpose.)
  • Glass of water.
  • Optional: hot tea and music!
Herbs Mixture

Spiritual Bath Cleaning

The Spiritual Bath Is Not To Clean Your Physical Body. You Must Bathe & Clean Your Bathroom/Space First.

  1. Clean Yourself As Usual
  2. Clean Bathroom as Normal but Rinse Using Salt Water. This Neutralizes Area.
  3. Light Sage Bundle Expelling Negative Energy, (leave window or door open.)


Write A Petition On Parchment Paper or Plain White Paper Of Your Intentions. Banish & Release On Full Moon or Waning Moon. Attraction on New Moon or Waxing Moon. Place Your Ingredients In 3 Parts, meaning recite the intentions 3 times. Clockwise.

Relax For 30 Minutes Thinking Of Your Intentions.

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