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I have always been interested in the metaphysical realm, even as a child. However, as a young adult, I gained interest in being an entrepreneur, one that produces a household name. In college, I not only learned business tactics but found I was great at predicting future trends such as the idea of Facebook back in 2000. The problem was I lacked the courage, design, complete knowledge, and guidance to put the project in place. 2017 was a game-changer for me. I started my spiritual journey in the Diaspora and with guidance, I learned a lot about myself and my direction. So, when I faced my last heartbreak in 2019, I began to choose more positive outlets.

I went to my metaphysical store, who were out of candles due to customs delays during the pandemic. My medium, which took me 30 years to find, insisted I was powerful and encouraged me to make my own. So, with a little help from YouTube, I regenerate my lost creative gift in Art.

Candle making became my new hobby. People, I never thought would have, admired my work. I saw this as an opportunity and found the courage to list my three candles on Etsy during cyber Monday in 2020. To my surprise, these three candles turned into a 46 product line with 97 variations and a physical cart within the Perimeter Mall, all within four months.

Our customer base grew daily, as we were attracting people who are eco-friendly, looking for holistic alternatives and were new to the metaphysical realm. I was unaware, at the time that I was the only metaphysical store in a mall on the Northside of Atlanta and the only metaphysical store on this side of town that practiced predominantly in the Diaspora. My store was not only convenient for the fast-paced lifestyle of today’s consumers but a necessity. I was surprised of how many people of different backgrounds were interested. I felt as though this time, I had beat the trend and ALCHEMY7 was born. It was the first time, I felt an undeniable passion. I acquired respect and instilled pride in people of color and the Diaspora Community.

Alchemy7 is an Alternative Health and Wellness company who specializes in a vast range of intention, manifestation and alchemy spelled candles as well as other metaphysical products in-house by one practitioner. All our products are made with natural ingredients and the purest intentions. 

We create: Wax Melts, Artesian Soaps, Bath Salts and perfumed Body Oils and presently, I’m creating a line of Body Sugar Scrubs. These can be sold separately or are included in our Self-Care Kits, which align with different needs. These kits include a healthy selection of Sage Sticks, Palo Santo and/or Florida Water. 

Our focus is making “witchy” fit into home décor. Not everyone is on the same spiritual journey nor as open-minded as my clients. So when you purchase a product from my shop, I want you to feel confident that it works but comfortable to leave it out for view; they’re decorative and make great conversation starters. 

Have a conversation of spirituality instead of a debate.

Our Mission Is To Manifest Your Vision

“We believe, given the right energy, candles can do way more than produce an aroma. They can manifest, open roads, and fulfill purpose. When candles are lit under specific conditions, aligned with belief, and intention then combined with action; you’ll find, nothing is beyond your reach. Magick is like the element of Fire, it can warm you at night or burn your house down. It’s like the element of water, which can replenish you or drown you. The element hasn’t changed; it’s how you use it.” 
— Janel (Curator)


Physical Store Closed Until Further Notice!

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