ALCHEMY7 is a Holistic Health and Wellness company who specializes in creating luxury candles through a vast range of intention, manifestation and alchemy spelled candles in-house by one practitioner. The candles are made of 100% soy wax, organic and/or pure essential oils/fragrances, bees wax coated hemp wicks and dried herbs. They’re Paraben, Phthalate, and Sulfate Free meaning they’re Biodegradable, burn cleaner, more slowly, evenly and longer with little to no smoke.

ALCHEMY7 was created to honor ancient traditions to promote holistic spiritual solutions to those in search of higher spiritual truth beyond that found in conventional, traditional, fundamentalist, or dogmatic religions while encouraging the individual, metaphysical perspectives for creating a diversity of new approaches to spiritual practices; thus, ensuring the continuation, preservation, expansion, and integrity of the client’s teachings. As well as, to research into the nature and source of consciousness for discovering the spiritual mysteries of life and how such knowledge may be practically applied to the improvement of human life, both individually and collectively. So, that eventually absolute spiritual truth and absolute scientific psychological truth may compliment and explain each other as one reality. Lastly, we encourage clients being confident to share their gifts with us as we share ours with them to enrich the Metaphysical community.

Our client base is growing daily as we are attracting people who are environmentally conscious, looking for holistic alternatives and new to the metaphysical realm.

Our Alchemy Conjure Spell Candles Are Written Authentically, Are Aligned With The Moon Phases And Are Perfomed During A Particular Day For The Best Results. We Take Pride In Our Spellwork And Infuse Each Candles With The Complimenting Organic Essential Oils. So, Your Candle Is Already Anointed And The Crystals Charged in the Moon & Sunlight. All You Have To Do Is Follow The Instructions.

Our Signature Fragrances Cater To The Alluring Woman. These Are Mature Scents Of Sophication That Resemble Designer Perfumes. While Our Signature Fragrances For Men Are Masculine Scents That Produce A Potent Fragrance And Emulate A Designer Men’s Cologne. They’re The Perfect Gift For Him on His Birthday, Fathers Day, Holiday; For His Man Cave, Romancing or even his Cigar Humidor.

Our Mission Is Manifest Your Vision


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What People Say

“This is a Luxurious Product, Packaged Well and Everything Smells Wonderful. I bought The CRAVE Gift Set and I can’t wait to see the cravings.”

Erika Street-Lawrence (Norfolk, VA) 12/2020

“There was a slight delay in receiving my order, BUT, the quality, beautiful presentation, creativity and aroma are incredible!” Deadly Obsession Gift Set

Karen Bryson (Norfolk, VA) 12/2020

I deep cleaned my house today and lit my candle and omg!! The smell was so robust and amazing!! Where do I go order me them wax melts too!

Kacey Collins-Nixon (Acworth, GA) 01/2021

“Such amazing products and professional service, I was kept informed from start to finish on the progress of my order. If you want to support small business then I highly recommend buying from Alchemy7. It’s a special touch for a heart felt gift.” Crave Candle Gift Set

Sarah Meyers (Gainsborough, Lincolnshire) 12/2020

This is a luxurious product for a great price. I had a scent free candle made due to my allergies and I can now enjoy candles again. The shipping was on time and the packaging was very professional and custom to my needs. Highly recommended!

Juanita Ricks (Atlanta, GA) 1/2021

“Fast Shipping”

Crave Candle

LaTonya Bryant ( El Cajon, CA) 12/2020

If you’re looking for an amazing and unique candle you should definitely look up my friend Janel A Sapphire. (Alchemy7) This candle and soap smell amazing I could smell it before I opened the box! Cuban cigar and bourbon so you know it smells good fellas! She has them for the both of you I promise! My house smells like I have a hot date tonight LOL

Scott Busick (Vero Beach, FL) 01/2021

Erika Street-Lawrence Shares Her Delivery Of Crave

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