Alchemy7 Was Created To Honor Ancient Traditions Through A Vast Range Of Alchemy Spelled Candles, Rituals, And Psychic Development. We Support Spiritual Aura Cleansing, Smudging To Remove Negative Energy And Paying Homage To Our Ancestors. Whether You Seek Protection, Love, Wealth, Social Power Or Just Getting In Touch With Your Higher Self; You Will Come To Realize Nothing Is Beyond Your Reach. Alchemy7 Caters To Each Individual. You May Be Striving To Secure Comfort And Peace For You And Your Loved Ones, Making Strides In Business Or Becoming One In Love. We Have A Candle To Fulfill Your Needs. In Addition, We’ve Created Various Signature Scents For Men And Empowering Scents For Women. As Well As, Consult For Private Label Giving Your Company That Special Touch.

Our First Responsibility Is To Our Clients.

How Long Will Shipping Take?

Due To The Complexity Of Making Authentically Spelled Candles In Conjunction With The Moon Cycles and A Particular Day Of The Week, Products Will Be Shipped 3-5 Business Days After The Candle Is Completed. Don’t Worry, We Will Keep You Informed On The Stage Of Your Products Completion And Shipping Every Step Of The Way. If Your Product Is In Stock, It Will Be Shipped Priority Mail The Following Day.

Products In Stock Will Be Shipped Within 3-5 Day by Priority Mail.

What Are Your Products Made Of?

All Our Candles, Essential Oils and Bath Salts are Made With 100% Natural Soy Wax, 100% Certified Organic Essential Oils, and 100% Pure Fragrances; Our Candles Use Hemp Wicks. They’re Biodegradable, Vegan, GMO Free and Cruelty Free. We Do Not Test On Animals. We Are An Eco-Friendly Company.

Are Alchemy Spelled Candles Evil?

NO! During A Spell, Alchemy Spelled Candles Call Upon The Powers Of GOD, Our Ancestors, Our Guarding Angels And The Universe To Manifest Our Vision. We Are Not Associated Dark/Black Magic.

Are All Alchemy7 Candles “Spelled?”

NO! We Have Four Different Product Lines: Alchemy Spelled Candles, Aromatherapy Candles, Signature Men’s Fragrance Candles and Signature Women’s Fragrance Candles.

Are Your Products Safe For Sensitive Skin?

All Essential Oils Are Scientifically Diluted For Every Day Use. However, We Recommend A Skin Test First And To Review The Safety Instructions Available In The Legal Disclaimers.

How Do I Use My Alchemy Spelled Candle?

Each Spell Will Be Delivered With A Link To It’s Specific Instructions.