Private Label & Wholesale Orders


Exclusive Private Label Branding

Private label branding is one way to separate yourself from competitors. One of the greatest attributes of private labels is that you inherently have an exclusive right to sell the products. If you market the brand well and create demand for it, you benefit as your customers’ only source.

There Is A Minimum Order Of 100 Units at 10% Over Retail Price.


When purchasing a Private Label from Alchemy7, you can be ensured that your product is handmade with 100% natural ingredients and adhere to state, federal and international safety laws.

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Signature Scents

With consultation, together we will create a fragrance blend that specifically calls to you. A brand scent your customers will grow to know and become loyal to.

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Custom Jars

With consultation, together we will decide what jar is best for your company, purpose and personality. The branding of the jar further sets your company apart from others as well as distinguish your brand and market strategy from others.

You Cannot Resale My Products. If You Would Like A Whole Sale Order For An Event, The Minimum Order Is 50 Units With A 20% Discount.

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